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     Wellness Classes

We offer a variety of classes for children, adults, and families. Classes are in Bowie, Crofton, and Annapolis, Maryland. We can also come to your location.

Upcoming Classes

Saturday Morning Adult Yoga
8-9 AM
17 Francis St. Annapolis
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  • Kids yoga - meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and yoga movement 

  • Kids Zumba- dance, games, and safe aerobic movement

  • Zumbini: Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance, and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!

  • Family Yoga- Fun interactive movement for the entire family.

  • Adult Yoga- Vinyasa, trampoline, or restorative yoga for health and well-being.                               

  • Yoga for Young Athletes- Yoga that targets specific muscle groups to improve balance, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness.

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