Teens ages 13-17 are invited to sign-up


...A fun way to earn community service hours, become a health and wellness advocate, meet other teens, and participate in fun outings. Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds, Inc. is a federal non-profit organization. Our mission is 

  • To promote a lifestyle of physical activity and proper nutrition

  • To teach youth to use yoga as a positive alternative for anger and stress management.

  • To educate in wellness, nutrition, and taking care of self and others

  • To encourage youth to engage in healthy and productive hobbies (chess, positive music/dance, spoken word)

  • To increase leadership skills and allow for application through Healthy Yogis sessions.                           *For teens, ages 13-17, 


Teens will have free monthly sessions that include mini- yoga lessons, mindfulness, and wellness themes. This is a FREE program for teens. Teens will be required to use what they have learned to assist yoga educators in open children yoga and wellness sessions. Athletes are encouraged to attend to discover how yoga can benefit. Fun outings will be scheduled for participants as a  part of the program.


Interested teens will be required to submit basic information including parent contact. Parents are welcome to attend initial meetings and sign up as potential volunteers.