Let's Listen and Follow Directions

As a kindergarten teacher, one of my rules is.. listen and follow directions. This seems like a straight- forward rule. It is not complicated at all, but why don't we as adults follow it? When we go to the doctor and he tells us that we are deficient in vitamin D- why don't we take the over the counter vitamin D pills as he has prescribed? Everyone knows that water is good for you- it helps your skin and teeth, gives you energy, and many more- but why don't we drink more of it? Exercise- we know that exercise is important and can possibly ward off sickness and many diseases- so why don't we drink more of it? Prayer- we know that we should seek God first in everything that we do and not lean to our own understanding- but why do we ignore this? We as adults are a lot like children- we have rules that we often do not follow. But unlike children, we do not get our consequences in a school setting but in a world setting.

I encourage you today- to take one rule that you have been ignoring and make steps to follow it. It does not have to be one of the rules listed here- but you know the rule(s) that you avoid. Following the rule will be good for you- for all of us- and your reward may even be a sticker(happiness) or extra play time(life).

Rules for Happy Living

1. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

2. Live ONE DAY at a TIME.

3. Say " I Love You."

4. Be a GIVER, not a taker.



7. Do at least ONE GOOD DEED everyday.

8. Learn to count (Keep priorities in line).

9. Let NO little or imaginary things bother you

10. Practice a "DO IT NOW " habit.

11. Fill your LIFE with GOOD.

12. Learn to LAUGH and to CRY.

13. SMILE and the world will smile with you.

14. Fear nothing or no one.

15. Let go and let GOD take over.

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